Wednesday, 9 August 2017


The day I died was very fun it was so cool to die I loved the experience so I will tell you how I died it started as a normal day until my sister's best friend’s brothers coson grandmas Aunties sisters friend picked me up from the shop so I went with her to a shop made of candy I went in she gave me a cup of tea it made me faint then she took me to a haunted house she left me there I was Asleep for about one hour then I opened my eyes and saw... a killer clown he took me into the house and gave me a drink of red wine it was blood then when I drank it it made me die and that was my story about the day I died  

Broken, Heart - Free images on Pixabay

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  1. Good work Pajie!! I love the story how you siad my best freinds,brothers,cousons,anties,sisters,Freind.I have done a story like that but diffrent.