Thursday, 22 June 2017

My trip to Mt Bruce

Mt. Bruce

On the second day of camp we saw a white kiwi and a brown kiwi. The white kiwi was chasing the brown kiwi. It was funny and cute. Then we into a dark room and it was the movie room. We watched a movie about how the birds got to Mt.Bruce and how they hatched. The kiwi cracked a circle shape in the egg. And the kiwi pushes the egg away and it fell out of the egg. Then we went to have lunch. After we had lunch we went to feed the eels. There was a lot of big fat ones. And Ollie's mum tried to kiss one of them she almost did but it swam away. It was so funny we were saying do it do it do it do it. But she didn't.  The end I had a really great day I,d like to say a thank you to the teachers and parents.