Friday, 28 July 2017

my name art



It is cold
So cold
It is so cold
Birds freeze
                            Cold dog get colder
Cats fers freeze off
It is so cold,
Fish freeze
Bodybuilders muscles freeze
Lollies tongues freeze off
Tee-shirts turn whiter.
It is so cold,
Beaches sand and water freeze
The tide comes in
touches the sand

                                  Paije taylor

Thursday, 27 July 2017

A gold watermelon


ONE day I was watching Tv then an ad came on  it said there was a new type of watermelon it was gold with a pink stripe around the gold part everyone says it is delicious but it has something inside it you can get a fidget spinner, money, smiggle station, Free pass to flip out or a lucky dip. It is also limited addition. When you buy 1 you get 1 free. Every 5 gold watermelons you get 2 gold fidget spinners.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

weekend stuff

                             weekend stuff 


Today I got up out of bed feeling happy and ready to start the day 
after I got up out of bed I got dressed did my hair had breakfast got ready to go to granny's after I got ready I watched TV after 3 hours nana came home from work then we go into the car it took 20 mins to get to Cambridge. When we got to granny's house I put my bag away in my cousin's room then I went to say hi to everyone. Then we watched a movie called wonder women. we had popcorn and crackers. After half the movie. I went to play with my cousins we did the crazy dance we where dying of laughter it was so funny we where dancing to the song despacito. Then we had dinner we had macaroni and cheese after dinner we had pudding it was chocolate cake and ice cream. then I had a shower got dressed and went on my laptop then Katie and Livie came into the room and asked to watch 3am challenges so we did after one hour it was time to go to bed so we did. When everyone went to bed we got up and went on my laptop for about 3 hours after that went to sleep. THE END OF MY WEDNESDAY STORY